AAUW Austin Membership is open to any individual who has earned at least a two year or higher degree from an accredited college or university. In addition, student members are also invited to join the local branch.

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There are four categories of individual membership.

Branch Member

Minnesota’s 33 branches are spread all over the state, and there is probably one near you. Branch membership offers friendship and programs with like minded people, and an arena for making a positive contribution in your community. Each branch has a space on this Web site and some have their own web sites which are linked from this one. Visit the branch page.


Annual dues for 2019-2020 will be $75.  Of that, $59 goes to the National Association, $9 goes to the Minnesota Division, and $7 to the Austin Branch.  Student memberships are $35.

Association member-at-large

These members belong directly to national AAUW only. This is a category for those who want to support AAUW’s goals but don’t with to be an active member, or perhaps don’t live near a branch.

Student Affiliates

Undergraduate or women and men returning to college to finish a degree may become student affiliates, either as branch affiliates of member-at-large affiliates. It’s easy to switch to regular membership after receiving a degree. Also, an institution of higher education can become a College/University member.

Life memberships and gift memberships area are available. For more information please go to and the membership page.

People meeting the membership requirements outlined above are welcomed to the Austin Branch.

Interested persons should contact:

Membership Vice President Catherine Lemons

Why I am a Member:

1.I support the work of AAUW for women and girls.  I also enjoy the wonderful women I have met through AAUW.

Peggy Benzkofer

2. I support the goals of the national organization and I am proud to be a university graduate.  The Austin branch has provided me with so many fine friends and acquaintances that I would mot have known otherwise and I enjoy the social aspect of our group.  The programs present a wide variety of subjects and I come away from them with new ideas.  AAUW book club has been a lot of fun and one of the small groups I enjoy the most.


3. I am a member because of all the wonderful bright women I see at meetings and activities and all the friends I have made.  Also, I am a member because it stretches my mind with new concepts and supports causes I believe in – women’s education and women’s rights.


4. I am a member of AAUW because it give me a great opportunity to network with intelligent women, learn new things, and work towards common goals for advancing education.


5. I enjoy being with other women who are life long learners.  I learn from other members, book club, and speakers.  I make new friends with similar interests and varied backgrounds.


6. I believe in the mission of AAUW.  The women’s history month project is a wonderful link to high school students.  Our scholarships for Riverland are also so important.  I love the small group opportunities – travel group, great decisions, book groups, etc.  I have many friends in the organization and enjoy seeing them.



7. I belong to AAUW for the fellowship with many interesting women who also belong, and for the programs that are presented to enrich our lives. I definitely feel this is one of the perks of having a college degree. Many of these women I would not come in contact with often if we were not AAUW members. I look forward each month to small groups such as book group and travel group. Our fundraisers – house tours and book sales – take time but I am happy to participate in order to raise money to give to needy students to attend college. AAUW’s goals of being an advocate and visible leader in equity and education make it a very worthwhile organization.

Liz Richardson

8. I want to support the AAUW mission and the lobbying efforts to promote equal rights and education for women and girls. I worry that in this changing world, women’s rights will again be limited and AAUW is keeping women’s issues in the news I have met the most amazing women of all ages at AAUW meetings and events. AAUW provides so many ways to learn new things and keep my mind active with book groups, study groups, stimulating and informational meetings. I have made friendships with women I would never have met any other way. AAUW provides wonderful networking opportunities which help me in work on other civic projects.

Carolyn Bogott

9. I am a member of AAUW because over the years I have made friends with many vibrant women working to implement positive changes in the world. I’ve been a member since the early 1970s.

Sonia Larson

10. I am a member of the AAUW because I enjoy being with other women who are interested in learning and because I am interested in promoting interest in local, state, and educational issues.


11. I am in AAUW to interact with other educated women. My favorite meeting was learning about Eleanor Roosevelt.

Marian J. Clennon

12. I am an AAUW member to learn about and share ideas with interesting people who care about others and the world around them.  I am also a member to help girls become everything they want to be and to support their education.

Marie Lechelt